Jigs for VVT Sauce Cups

Drilling jigs work for both types of VVT sauce cups, and are available for 1.355 or 1.372 OD skirts. Works with any 12mm OD press fit drill bushing. These are commonly available from McMaster Carr for drill sizes from 6-8mm, in 0.1mm increments, for around $5 each. 6mm is ideal for drilling “pilot holes” prior to sending off for “recore.” 7mm and up is ideal for final bore size.

Also have end cap jigs available, as well. They work with the same drill bushing, which you can recycle from the cup jig after you’re done drilling your baffles. These are available for 1.5 inch tubes with either 1.429x24TPI or 1.429x20TPI (standard D cell tube).

Two piece jig for sauce cups: $30
Jig for endcap: $20
Both jigs: $40