The ARFAK (Armalite Rifle First Aid Kit) is like an IFAK for your AR-15

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Modern ARs have every advantage over their longer predecessors, but the increased temperatures and pressures result in greatly accelerated parts wear. Preventative maintenance helps, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the inevitable breakage in the field. Bolts, lugs, cam pins, extractor, ejectors, springs…eight different points of failure that can shut your rifle down without warning.

This leaves many AR users stashing an extra BCG in their GP pouches or range bags. Thing is, the carrier itself basically never fails, but is needed to keep the rest of the parts retained. The ARFAK performs that same job, but at half the size and one twentieth the weight!

Whether you’re a solider outside the wire, a competitive shooter in the finals, or a prepared citizen; a broken gun simply isn’t an option. Especially when all the most vulnerable parts of your rifle can be carried in this lightweight, pocket sized repair kit.


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