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The minFAK is the first of its kind to use multi-jet fusion and PA12 to create the thinnest possible IFAK insert, allowing the same contents found in double stack inserts to fit in a single stack pouch. The minFAK can also be used in short mag carriers with kydex retention (e.g. the Esstac Kywi), thanks to its full cage design, whereas competing inserts rely on full height mag carriers with flaps to retain their contents.

Having roughly the same external dimensions as a PMAG, the minFAK can fit in virtually any generic 5.56 mag carrier. This includes mag pockets in tactical clothing and bags, as well as low profile belt mounted mag pouches like the Blue Force Gear 10 Speed.

The minFAK is especially well suited to low vis operations in non permissive environments, as it takes the contents of larger IFAKs and compresses them down into a concealable design. It’s also at home in an overt setting, as it means sacrificing less mag space. Where your old IFAK was, now you can have a minFAK plus one more mag.

The minFAK is designed to hold the following: Hyfin vent full size chest seals, Combat Gauze, nasopharyngeal airway, and surgical gloves.*

Bottom line: The minFAK uses intelligent design and space age materials to compress the contents of a double stack IFAK down into a single stack configuration.

*First aid supplies not included


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