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Gen 4 NOD-Pod: Exciting design improvements!

Updated version of the V3. Improvements include a new, stronger material and a more intelligently designed cover. The new design no longer requires removing the caps to access the middle compartment. You only have to loosen the caps by a mere 6mm, at which point the cover will lift up and rotate out of the way.

The new material, a carbon fiber filled polymer, is many times stronger than previous versions without the carbon fill. It also yields greater dimensional accuracy, enabling the aforementioned design improvements. The look and feel is also incredible! Aesthetics are much improved, and the machine-like threads are immensely satisfying.

The opportunity for finer design details afforded by the new material has also allowed for improvements in the EVA seals. The laser cut gaskets are now concealed, and compression is limited, preventing accidental overtightening and damage to the seals.

Lastly, improvements have been made in the battery fitment. Not only is there a spacer for 18650 rechargeables like before, but now there’s also a sleeve to slightly reduce the diameter of the cylinders for a snug 123A fit.