NOD-Pod V5


Designed for users of 123A powered night vision systems

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Finally a counterweight that’s not just dead weight! The NOD-Pod is the only counterweight system on the market that provides waterproof and impact resistant battery storage! Whereas other counterweight systems expose batteries to the elements, the NOD-Pod V5 contains them inside modular waterproof tubes that are themselves contained within a highly impact resistant housing. The V5 is intended for users of 123A powered systems like the DTNVG, DTNVS, and Katana; and therefore does not have a dedicated AA slot.

Features include:

  • PA12 material for extreme strength and durability (compliant with MIL-STD 810 for impact resistance)
  • Laser cut EVA gaskets for improved water resistance
  • Improved no-snag retention cord prevents lost parts
  • Compatible with both standard and rechargeable battery types
  • Fits all known PVS31/ANVIS remote battery pouches (e.g. Ferro, TNVC, Licentia Arms, Crye Precision, Agilite, etc.)
  • Back is contoured for directly attaching to helmet via Velcro

Modular battery tubes:

  • 123A/16650: Will hold two 123As or one 16650
  • 18650: Will hold one 18650

Notes on battery types:

  • 123A: Disposable 3v battery used for most lights and lasers (e.g. Surefire Scout series, PEQ15, etc.)
  • 18650: Long rechargeable used for some weapon lights (e.g. Modlite, Cloud Defensive, Arisaka, Surefire Duel Fuel series, etc.)


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